Profile: Sophisticated Practice Management Software

Integrated Practice Management Software

Profile is an integrated Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record package designed for New Zealand operation by providers, nurses and administrative staff.

Functionality and workflows have been rigorously tested to ensure that our technology can significantly enhance your practice processes.

Profile’s advanced design and architecture offers front desk, administrative and clinical functionality with flexibility, speed and stability.  Familiar screens and flexible layout facilitate ease of use and a fast learning cycle. Profile looks and feel like a standard Microsoft product.

Profile is available in Office and Enterprise editions, stand-a-lone, ASP or centralized, so whether you are a solo provider, large corporate entity or Medicare Local with 3000 users, Profile will meet your needs.

The Benefits

Saves Valuable clinical time
Profile provides immediate access to comprehensive information wherever you are. A centralized and easily accessible medical record enables you to eliminate wasted time associated with paper records. Multiple records can be opened simultaneously and at the click of a button.

Improve clinical and practice outcomes
Profile allows you to easily analyse, track and compare clinical and financial information to improve clinical and practice outcomes.

Create high quality and legible notes
With profile, entering information is easy and flexible. All information becomes auditable, legible and organised for future reference or sharing with colleagues.

Avoid clinical mistakes
Profile’s advanced clinical tools give you current information and guidelines at your fingertips. Medication and disease based warnings help minimize issues of conflicting drug ordering.

Move towards a paperless office
Profile lets you do this today, or move incrementally towards a paperless environment.

Utilize third party applications with ease
Profile works seamlessly with third party applications such as tablet PC’s, Dragon voice recognition, Microsoft paint and Microsoft Word.

Profile-to-Profile eReferrals

eReferrals allow sending of referrals directly between clinics using Profile. Items from the Medical Record can also be transferred with the referral. For more information regarding eReferrals, see the eReferral Introduction document on the Self Service Centre.

Integrated eFaxing Solutions

eFax Service: Integrated outbound eFaxing in Profile anywhere the FAX option is made available including:

  • Letters
  • Referrals
  • Requisitions
  • Prescriptions

Fax Number is pulled and auto populated directly from the External Provider List. A detailed fax log is maintained in Profile’s Control Centre. Integrated E-Fax is for outbound only. Inbound faxes remain the responsibility of the client, and carry no additional cost from Intrahealth.

Integrated SMS Solutions

SMS Patient Notification Service: Appointment reminders sent via Text Messages. The ability to send SMS Text Messages from the following areas within Profile: Appointments (including unconfirmed appointments based on preset time frames), Intervention List, and ad-hoc (Via a Toolbar button). SMS Services are outbound only.

For more information, or to sign up, please download our Commercial Release on our Self Service Centre.

Technical Features

Profile’s technical features include:

  • Fully integrated clinical and practice management system
  • Multiple deployment methods (stand-a-lone, ASP or centralized)
  • 3 tier architecture supporting multiple interface options (including web browsers, rich client, thin client and mobile devices)
  • Object oriented design and development
  • Based on international clinical standards (The Good Electronic Health Record (GEHR) has been put together by ~ 250 clinicians who have analyzed how clinical records are to be stored, transferred, entered, altered and recognized. As a clinician, you can be reassured that Profile has been designed and is written from a full evaluation of “World Best Practice” standards)
  • Choice of databases – firebird (free open source database) or MS SQL
  • Choice of clinical coding terms e.g. SNOMED, ICPC2+, Read, ICD9, ICD10, DSM IV or a combination
  • Simplify and configure screens to suit the way you work, design your own forms and reports and write macros
  • Work offline or work from home without requiring third party software

You can be assured that this technology will meet your requirements now and into the future.

Profile’s object oriented design:

  • Provides the ability to report on almost any parameter entered into the system
  • Allows simultaneous access by many users to a single patient record, clinicians, reception and nurses can access and read or write to a patient file at the same time
  • Delivers unparalleled speed and performance for users
The GEHR Model

The Good European Health Record has been put together by ~ 250 clinicians in Europe who have analyzed how clinical records are to be stored, transferred, entered, altered and recognized.

“Advantages of GEHR over current electronic and paper-based systems include the following:

  • Improves the quality of clinical care, while significantly reducing IT costs of providers
  • Integrates contributions by all clinicians, including GPs, specialists, hospital staff, allied health workers, pathology and radiology services, as well as patients themselves
  • Provides a complete picture of a patient’s health status enabling better care to be delivered
  • Dramatically reduces the level of data errors compared with paper records and current EHR systems
  • Allows patients complete control over access and distribution of their health records
  • Enables health records to be safely and securely communicated between healthcare organizations such as hospitals, GP clinics and community health providers
  • Is closely linked to international health informatics standards
  • Ensures that electronic health records are “future proof”, interoperable, and automatically processable through the use of a revolutionary new approach called “archetypes”
  • Ensures that electronic health record system software and databases no longer have to be continually changed to incorporate new requirements
  • Allows version-controlled health records, enabling all past states of the health record to be investigated in the event of clinical or medico-legal investigations

GEHR is an international “World Best Practice” standard. Medico-legally this means that as a provider, you can be reassured that Profile has been designed and is written from a full evaluation of “World Best Practice” standards.

Request a Demo

For more information on Profile or to receive a demonstration, please contact us using the Request a Demo or Request a Quote form.

Why Choose Profile?

  • Saves valuable clinical time
  • Improve clinical and practice outcomes
  • Create high quality and legible notes
  • Avoid clinical mistakes
  • Move towards a paperless office
  • Utilize third party applications with ease
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