Our Customers

Intrahealth customers range from solo providers to billion-dollar health care enterprises. We have software solutions to meet the growing demands of the New Zealand health care industry.

Current deployments in New Zealand include the GP and Specialist markets, Private and corporate health care environments, PHOs, NZDF, Auckland District Health Board, Counties Manakau District Health Board, Waitamata District Health Board, Community and Maori Health Care Clinics etc.

Intrahealth has extensive experience in the Public Health Environment. Our software is written and delivered with a multi place of service, multi-disciplinary, flexible and scalable customer in mind. At Intrahealth, approx. 60% of our users worldwide are non-medical, working in allied healthcare environments. Another key is the patient as part of the care team, and providing them the tools and capabilities to interact real time with their care team providers.

Worldwide we have over 15000 users relying on Intrahealth products.

In January 2013, Intrahealth was announced as the exclusive successful vendor for the New Brunswick Provincial EMR program, Intrahealth has also won 4 of 4 Public Health RFP’s issued in Ontario Canada in between 2011 and 2012 with a number of others in progress.

Intrahealth has been awarded significant contracts (over other international and local vendors) with:

Several Medicare Locals deploy Intrahealth’s software platform, Townsville Mackay Medicare LocalIllawarra-Shoalhaven Medicare Local and Murrumbidgee Medicare Local, throughout New Zealand
Department of Corrective Services, Perth and throughout Western Australia
Australian Antarctic Division, Tasmania and Antarctica
The Fraser Health Authority, BC. (Primary Care Renewal Project, CDM Project and Seniors Health Clinics.)
Algoma Public Health, Ontario Canada
The Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, BC. (Primary Care Community settings, Specialized Osteoarthritis Clinics, Chronic Disease Management Project)
Niagara Region, Ontario Canada
Velante, New Brunswick Canada

International Customers

  • General Practitioners Offices
  • Specialist Offices
  • Corporate Medical Centres
  • Medicare Locals and Ministries of Health
  • Armed Forces
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Hospital Outpatient Units
  • Diabetes and Sexual Health Centres
  • Emergency Centres
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Rural and Aboriginal Health Centres
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