About Intrahealth

Corporate Background

Intrahealth is a global software and associated services company supplying world class solutions to the New Zealand healthcare market

Intrahealth Systems Limited was incorporated in 1997 with a mission to develop leading-edge software for the healthcare market with a particular emphasis on information tools that support the integration of delivery from the community perspective.
Although there are a small number of global vendors of hospital and health insurer systems, the community based software market is characterized by mostly local competitors. These are typically products developed for specific niches in the community health space and as such, can neither extend geographically nor to other niches.

Intrahealth analysed the UK, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and American markets, looking at trends in health delivery and determined how a single product set could work across many different segments. The result was a highly flexible “platform” approach with three editions: an office variant, an enterprise variant and an ASP variant built on the fault tolerance and scalability of the Enterprise architecture. The limited number of variations in the health methodologies across these nations was generalized into a set of frameworks within the application. This approach allowed rapid market localization and addressed both the small clinic and the major health enterprises.

Intrahealth incorporated in Canada in 2005, and established its head office for North America in Vancouver, BC. The company has a significant number of live users in BC covering General Practice, Specialists and Enterprise customers and was a successful proponent for SATP 219 (“PITO”). Globally, Intrahealth has over 700 customer sites covering projects from a single user to thousands of users on a single system. The company’s solutions can be highly configured to meet distinctive and unique needs without recoding the core applications and includes customers such as the NZ Defence Forces, Emergency Rooms, Mental Health, GPs, and a wide variety of specialists. In BC specifically, beyond being a top PITO vendor and a leader in the physician’s market space, our clients include Fraser, Coastal and Interior Health Authority, who combined cover approx. 80% of the patient population. Our innovative health authority implementations include the Fraser Health My Health Plan (MHP), a true integrated shared care plan linking primary care providers, patients and allied health care providers across a single integrated shared care plan.

Vision & Strategy

The emphasis of the health system is inexorably shifting to earlier intervention in the disease life cycle (aligned to population health approaches) and this means there was a need to apply management structures and information coordination to the highly fragmented primary and community care environment, to supplement acute side delivery.

The underlying concept therefore was to build a world best-practice EMR, combined with a flexible Management System (PM), able to function across multiple community based practice types (Primary Care, Specialist Physician, Community Care, Home Care, Residential Care, etc) in multiple geographies. As a by-product of meeting the needs of front-line professionals, core information could be delivered to a coordinating hub, to improve quality, implement programs more rapidly and reduce the compliance burden on physicians and other clinicians who were rapidly being overwhelmed and suffering “death by initiative”.

Rather than meeting just the immediate needs of the clinicians, this concept had at its heart, capturing structured data that held context and meaning and could be analyzed and processed automatically by the centre.

Current Position

Today Intrahealth employs around 100 staff in four countries.

It has an installed base worldwide and over 15,000 users.
Intrahealth’s software is used in:

  • Individual community based clinics/practices
  • Chains of clinics
  • Corporate environments
  • The coordinating hub of provider networks
  • Large scale hospital implementations (covering mental health, community health, sexual health, diabetes, disease state management, health promotion, health protection, child health, etc)
  • Limited inpatient settings
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