Profile for Windows Presentations

Session 1

What’s New in Profile for Windows

In this session we will present a selection of features and settings in the newest version of Profile, including a brief overview of GP2GP. We will also include a few ‘little known facts’ from previous versions of Profile.  If you never have the time or patience to go through our Release Notes, this may be the session for you!
Intended Audience: Practice Manager, Sys Admin, Clinical. Admin


Presenters: Alessandra Ceriani

Basic System Administration

This session will cover the basics of system administration as well as new features available in Profile version 8.1.  Ideal for non-technical people who want a better general understanding of system admin functions such as service and short codes, lexicons and roles.
Intended Audience: Practice Managers, non-technical System Administrator


Presenter: Millie Gibbs

National Enrolment Service

Enhancements to Profile for Windows will support the on-line National Enrolment Service.  James and Giselle will present how the new configuration is set up in Profile version 8.1 and the new functionality allowing synching with the NHI register as well as real time NES enrolment which will replace the current CBF process.

Intended Audience: GP Presenters: James Penfold, Giselle Pascual


Session 2

Community Health Project Showcase

Profile is used in a wide variety of organisations and this session will review two recent implementations in the Community Mental Health and Allied Health providers in Australia.  Geoff and Wanda will discuss the way the Organisation structure was configured for complex privacy requirements along with how Profile is integrating with other applications.

Intended Audience: System Admin, Community Health Providers, Technical Presenters: Geoff Agnew, Wanda Somervell



The new Homecare module within Profile enables community health providers to manage patient care within their home.  Syed will present the functional areas of the module including workload monitoring, visit plans and managing multiple appointments.

Intended Audience: Clinical, Sys Admin, Administration


Presenter: Syed Raza

Accession Web Portals

In this practical session on the functions, features and thoughts for implementing Accession in your organisation, Craig will present an overview of the three Accession portals (Patient, Provider and External Provider), and give practical advice on implementing portals in your organisation as well as reviewing the interrelationships between Access and Profile.  The session will also include a sneak peak in to the new patient app “Chorus” which will be made available later this year.

Intended Audience: Sys Admin, Practice Managers, Technical Presenter: Craig Longstaff


Session 3

Q&A – Bring your own questions

An interactive session where participants can ask questions about Profile functionality. The session will be facilitated by Millie Gibbs, a senior business analyst with broad experience with NZ functionality and enterprise projects.

Intended Audience: All Delegates


Presenter: Millie Gibbs

The Upgrade Process

This session will give you an overview of the software upgrades process. Thomas will demonstrate how database backups and upgrades are performed and highlight key points for upgrading
Intended Audience: Sys Admin, Technical


Presenter: Thomas Matoe

Health One

HealthOne (Shared Care Record View) is a secure record that stores health information including GP records, prescribed medications and test results. Authorised healthcare providers such as GPs, community nurses, pharmacists and hospital doctors and nurses can access your information stored in HealthOne.  It has now been live in Profile for Mac for almost a year and in this session Danae will present an update on current progress with the project and how HealthOne is currently being used.

Intended Audience: All Delegates


Presenter: Danae Goddard Ward

Session 4


A refresher on the overall Appointment functionality, from filters to appointment rules and a review of new search appointments function

Intended Audience: Practice Managers, Administration


Presenters: Geoff Agnew

Challenges of Enterprise Upgrades

Upgrading large enterprise sites can be a challenge.  This presentation looks how large upgrades can be managed to ensure a successful result. Preparation is the key – James will discuss Project Management, Configuration Management, Version Control and Testing to ensure a positive outcome for upgrades

Intended Audience: Technical


Presenter: James Penfold


Fay Cunningham and Paula Nes will review how Auckland Regional Mental Health Information Technology (ARMHIT) utilise the Whiteboard functionality within Profile by configuring it to support the clinical service to best manage clients on specific clinical pathways such as managing Triage workload, home based treatments and transition of clients in to specific teams.  With the flexibility of the Whiteboard function ARMHIT are able to track specialist services assigned to clients across a number of sub specialties.
Intended Audience: Clinical


Presenter: Fay Cunningham, Paula Nes

Electronic Request Management (ERMS)

In this session Rachael Page from Pegasus Health will provide an overview of the Regional eReferrals Programme in the South Island detailing the success and benefits of ERMS such as the loop is being closed between the referrer and hospital.  ERMS is about to launch with Profile for Mac and Profile for Windows.  We will also demonstrate how ERMS is used with Profile for Mac.

Intended Audience:  Clinical, Administration


Presenter: Rachael Page, Suzie Mitchell

Session 5


The referrals functionality with Profile allows you to track both inward and outward referrals either to external parties or to other providers within your organisation.  In the session Giselle will review how to manage different types of referrals and track them through to complete care.

Intended Audience: Clinical, Administration Presenters: Giselle Pascual


Termset Cross Reference

Termset Cross referencing allows you to link common clinical concepts together so that are easier to search for and report on.  Typically, for example, lab results sourced from multiple providers will record the same concept with using different codes and descriptions.  This feature allows you to find and link measures that represent the same clinical concept so that you view a consistent set of data across your practice population

Intended Audience: Clinical


Presenter: James Penfold

Pegasus Health Implementation

Pegasus Health Programme and Product Manager Glyn Wilson and Business Analyst Aaron Reid will discuss how Pegasus are implementing Profile with management of enhancements and configuration tasks based on generic applicability, practice preferences and value.

Intended Audience: All delegates Presenters: Glyn Wilson, Aaron Reid

Session 6

NZ eForms

Profile 7.10.110 features integration with HealthLink eForms and Best Practice (BPAC) eForms, where Profile users can connect to HealthLink and BPAC websites from within the patient’s Medical Record to complete and submit eForms electronically from within Profile, including the ACC45 form. In this session we will show you how eForms work, point out their benefits and give an overview of how to get set up.

Intended Audience: Practices not yet using eForms,


Presenter: Alessandra Ceriani

Electronic Medication Management

The new EMM module in Profile enables providers to administer medications on a per dose basis.  In this session Syed will present how the medcharts can be manged from order to Administer, and the context in which this functionality can be applied. .

Intended Audience: Practice Manager, System Administrator


Presenter: Syed Raza

Electronic Letters

This session will review the setup and configuration required to use the electronic letters functionaliy as well as provide an overview of the full process from templates to sending the letter electronically.

Intended Audience: Practice Manager, Clinical, Administration Presenter: Thomas Matoe, Giselle Pascual


Evening drinks and Question Time

Join the Intrahealth team, guest presenters and other conference delegates in an informal chat about the day over a drink.  There will be workstations available so you can enjoy networking with other Profile users, sharing experience and knowledge.

Intended Audience: All Delegates


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